Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homemaking Tips- Organizing, Part 3, "Sort through your food storage items"

I am posting a series on "Home Making Tips- Orgainizing".  Today is Part 3. 

Now a homemaker's work is exactly practical and also deeply spiritual.  You as a homemaker are living out God's will for your life.  Read Titus Chapter 2 if you have not done so before.  Though some of the mundane tasks that must occupy some of your time are just that (by definition) m-u-n-d-a-n-e, belonging to the world, (and included for our definition here) routine and boring, these same tasks bring order, sanity, and higher functioning to your dwelling place.  So, dear sister, gird yourself.
No, if you thought that we would be discussing cleaning your toilets, hang on, something not quite as fun and fanastic.  This week make time to sort out your food storage cupboard.  This task is so dry to me that I had to give it (and my mind) a little flair with that introduction.  Because setting all of those plastic containers "just right" in their place is so "blaahhh" to me I only do it about twice a year.  I know the tie has arrived when I tire of opening the cupboard, which happens to be placed above y height, and have plastic lids and containers fall on top of my head.  I

It was just such a day.  I opened the door to put a little plastic cube in its happy spot and "Tham!" (Is that a word?  "Whack!" was not right.) down on my head topple it  bringing three others along.  I let out a noise of frustration and anger (not angry at the plastic, it cannot help being placed precariously on top of others, but at myself for not taking more time to do it "properly".) Shove!  I now shove the four containers into place, not "their" place but any open space in which they may stay. 

Just as I let go, "Tham!"  Down upon my head now comes more lids and containers.  "Grrrr!"  The noise coming from my belly is now sounding animal like and ready for warfare.  I repeat this process two more times before I cave in.  "OKAY!!!!"

I take out every piece of plastic inhabiting that cupboard.  I have my guns ready and plan to execute. Not one of those containers gets returned to a comfy new home unless it has a lid to go with it!!  I pair them up and am left with quite a few extra, not married, containers.  Now, I know the frugal in you is coming up with plans for those singles...containers to hold water when your kids paint, a lap bowl for you dog at a picnic, whatever.  I say that they do not have a lid, which disqualifies them to be in my now completely neat-because-every-container-has-a-lid-and-I-will-not-have-them-toppling-on-my-head-cubboard.   
Yes, I DID get rid of a lot of normally perfect plastic but look at the happy pairs that I left.  Each one is content and ready for service.  I know that with their lids on they take up much more room, but I did not need that many anyway.  That grew the problem; I had too many I did not even use. 

And now I am a happier Homemaker! 

Are you still getting your head toppled?



Jenifer said...

Just found your blog! So excited to read more!

Sweet Blessings~

Anonymous said...

I nest my plastic containers and beneath that, I have a "lid drawer." Works for me. But whan there is no lid, the container is no longer in the kitchen! :)

amanda said...

Plastic containers at our home seem to multiply as we sleep. It's one of the hardest areas to keep organized! I did tackle the monster recently and at this second, it's manageable. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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