Friday, July 8, 2011

Females- family and friends

Today I am linking up with ladies at 5-Minute Fridays where we are given a prompt from the Gypsy Mama.  We sit before our square screens, let our imaginations soar for five minutes, and type- no editing, just letting the thoughts flow into words.

Today's prompt is GRATEFUL.


And today I am grateful for the females in my life

The little one with shining white gold down to her bottom who tries my patience more than Job's (well, I cannot say THAT) but  more than I thought any mother could ever endure.  Yet, she always causes me to laugh at her expressive imagination or her truthful statements that I may think but have the maturity to guard.

For the gentle one who is poetically beautiful inside and out.  She causes me to want to strive to be a Lady Of Virtue.

I am grateful for my mother who is always there through the difficult times.  A bulwark.  Also, a best friend.  We are so alike and I am glad!  I love you Mom.

For sisters so very different, yet similar in adding zest to the flavor of my days.

For an aunt who is a sister- a confidante and friend.  I love the beauty she adds practically and emotionally to every place she goes.  And just for her: I will memorialize her name here- MaryJean Conway. LOL. 

Girls I am so looking forward to eating a chunk of the Big Apple with you this weekend!

And I am grateful for the females that time eludes me from describing.  But in short, they are the ones who see the flowers in my garden not my broken fences.  The iron that sharpens me and the soft blankets that comfort me with their love and prayers.

Thank you Ladies.

How about you....are there females in your life that you could take a moment to acknowledge the lovely effect that they have in your life?

Write about it here.


Sandra Heska King said...

Beautiful tribute. Have a wonderful weekend!

Paula @ Grow Where You're Planted said...

I love this post... I, too, am thankful for the females that God has put in my life. An incredible mom, a great sister-in-law, wonderful (but especially trying :) 3-year-old daughter, a best friend. Made me think about even more that I am grateful for today. :)

Christine said...

I have three girls, no sisters, My Mom is in heaven, so I cherish the females in my house. A very beautiful tribute to your girls.