Monday, October 25, 2010

Arise from bed

The day after I come home from the Relevant Conference. Can I get out of bed? Can I place my feet on the floor and move towards my life? Why is it so hard for me? "Nicol, people are depending on you. Your family, your children need you to pray the prayers that you utter while everyone else is still asleep."

Faithless thoughts tumble to the forefront of my mind, "But does it matter?"

"Your son drove himself to church yesterday."

"He DID, didn't he?" I have been praying for him and, "Yes!- He went to church yesterday." That is evidence that my Father hears- He really hears! And now that I think of it. Just last week I prayed that God would show me one- just one- sign for good to encourage me. And that was it- a clear sign .

So I do have reason to rise out of bed. I have a necessity to put my feet on the floor. It is imperative that I awaken with purpose in my soul because others are depending on me. Others need my prayers. Others lives are changed because I connect with Holy Spirit on their behalf. And so with these thoughts I push away the warm, cozy covers and rise into the crisp cool air with purpose....

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Angela Dively said...

Welcome home! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the conference. I trust it was a blessing and an unforgettable experience. :) Love ya!