Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Surprised by Motherhood

My dear blogging friend--LisaJo Baker--is launching her first incredible book, Surprised by Motherhood. She delivered the first three chapters into my ebox so that I may share her story with you. And I can tell you that I cannot wait to read the rest of the tale!

LisaJo in her typical whimsical way weaves her stories of comic humor and spiritual seriousness. She will make you laugh and cry and leave you kneeling in awe of God's grace in our lives.

As women--and we are all mothers in some giving and leading way--we are pulled into this community of shared understanding:
Motherhood is hard.
Motherhood is glorious.
Motherhood is hard.
Amen to that! Even in my own life of mothering I experience tears of anguish and bellows of blissness, and sometimes I think, "When will this end?" But I must concur with LisaJo, Really, deep down, I say to myself "this delivering, shaping, cheering, loving, and bringing into the world, I don't want it to end."
Have you been Surprised by Motherhood? Do you need a fresh glimpse of the big picture? Pick up yours toady (the picture will link you straight to Amazon.)

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