Friday, November 12, 2010

Melodic Adulation

Was it just yesterday that I read "the roar of many waters...peals of thunder" praising our God? Last night I had the great pleasure of attending a choir concert performing Handel's "Messiah". The quaint, cozy chapel housing embellished carved wood buttresses and gilded religious embellishments was the perfect setting. I drank in the music like water to a thirsty soul- it was aesthetic, cultural, and spiritual.

Then the melodies, harmonies, and everything in between the weaving notes rose to the apex; it was time for the "Hallelujah" chorus. As per tradition for the last almost 270 years, the audience rose to our feet. The singing parts rolled upon each other as the euphonious sound filled space of the chapel with moving song. It is said that when Handel wrote this chorus heaven itself was opened for his view; I say, "How could it not have been?" That melodic heralding of praise to our Lord invigorates the mind and heart and body; I wanted to shout, "Yes! Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords! And He shall reign forever!".

And this was the sounds from only twenty-five chorus members! I thought of the verse that I read yesterday morning and I imagined throngs of heavenly hosts and throngs of saints gathered around the throne giving adulation as "waves of mighty waters and peals of thunder"! Hallelujah!

These thoughts lift my spirits with hope and expectancy. What a wonderful way for the Christmas season to dawn.

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Sortin'ItAllOut said...

Nicol - You have such a wonderful way with words! Thank-you for the inspiring blog :)